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What is a civil funeral?

As a member of one of the UK’s association of Independent Civil Celebrants, the funerals that I conduct are tailored to the individual need, each completely bespoke to the requirements of the family and friends.

A civil funeral is completely different to other funerals; unlike an atheist or humanist funeral I provide a service based on any faith or level of faith that truly reflects the beliefs of the individual and their remaining family or friends. For instance, if reference to meeting with the loved ones again or the possibility of life after death is requested it will be included, conversely excluded as preferred.

As the funeral is completely bespoke, it focuses very much on celebrating the life of your loved one, creating a very personnel funeral that does not follow a script to a defined belief system unless requested to do so. The service is a genuine reflection of the loved one and their beliefs.

How is the service prepared?

Having selected a funeral director, simply forward my contact details to them; they will arrange the other aspects of the funeral and liaise directly with myself regarding the service. I will then make an appointment to come to your home to prepare the service.

Providing the care and guidance on each step to ensure the content is exactly what is required, mirroring the needs and desires of those closest. Typically within 24-36 hours of the visit, I will provide a transcript of the service for approval usually via email or a hard copy if email access is not available. Details of the service maybe changed as necessary up to 24 hours before the service itself.

The content of the service may include favourite music, songs and hymns, poems, readings of the loved one. Members of the family may give the eulogy if preferred or may say a few words. There are not really any confines to the content of the service; simply what is the best way for the family to say all that they wish to say.

Whether the service is religious, semi religious or non religious nature it will be a service to be proud of. An audio recording of the services may be provided on CD shortly after the day if desired (subject to prior agreement and additional charge).

How a typical civil service funeral may look
  • Opening music – general music or organ
  • Welcome and Greetings
  • Reading of favourite poem or verse (optional)
  • Singing of Songs or Hymns (optional)
  • Main tribute 5-10 minutes
  • Moment of reflection
  • Closing of the veil/gates (maybe to music or words of love)
  • Closing music tribute, prayer or moments of silence
  • Closing remarks and announcements

Family involvement is encouraged in the service and nominated members may take active role in any part of the service if desired. Remember – it is your funeral

The fees for providing a bespoke civil funeral

It is my belief that everyone deserves a truly memorable funeral that is not based on affordability, and for that reason I ask for the same fee for the services I provide irrespective of the content.

Within this fee the following is included:

  • A home visit/consultation enabling a personalised funeral and eulogy is given on request.
  • A fully scripted draft version of the service will then be sent by email or a hard copy.
  • On the day of the funeral, a memorial copy of the eulogy will be given to you and
        remembrance card posted one month later.

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