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Six parts per million

Life itself is the greatest of all teachers and we can all learn much from each other’s experiences. Keith shares his story of being trapped underground in one of world’s deepest gold mines and suffering from exposure to lethal mine gasses, knowing that six parts per million will kill you.

The life changing principles delivered in this powerful speech, described by some as semtex in the soul, set us free to be more and do more in our lives and businesses than we perhaps ever thought possible.

Your Life and Your Business will profit by:

  • Making all experiences serve our ultimate purpose

    We all suffer losses along the road to our goals and dreams. The ability to see those losses in the light of truth irrespective of the obvious facts is the cornerstone of this thought provoking speech

  • Creating the life and business you want by the way you think

    The mind is the battle ground on which the war of life and business is won and lost. This speech helps us to discover what is really in our armoury and why surrender is never an option

  • Discovering a fresh perspective to the meaning of our individual lives

    A question often asked “what is the meaning of life” is probably the most difficult question to answer. This speech poses that question with more relevance, what is the real meaning of our individual life?

  • Understanding the power of the spoken word

    We all speak on average 3000-6000 words a day. These words may be creative, destructive or simply idle. Keith delivers fresh understanding regarding the power of the words we speak and hear. The inspiring and yet tragic stories shared with the audience are never forgotten

  • Learning how to react within life, not to life

    How did Keith react being told he probably had less than 8 hours to live? How would anyone react being trapped and exposed to lethal mine gas 2400m underground?

“Six parts per million” is a challenging and inspiring speech with life changing outcomes and a positive call to action.

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