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About Keith

Keith could tell you about the last 17 years in sales and marketing within the IT sector, and how with his expertise one company was taken from obscurity to being perceived as one of the UK’s leading suppliers.

It is however more interesting to tell, how a young man from a troubled background with little formal education became the youngest person at that time to manage multimillion dollar gold mining operations in South Africa.

It almost cost Keith his life to be able to share the truths revealed in his speech “Six parts per million”. How would anyone handle being told that they probably have less, than 8 hours to live?
Still bearing the physical disability of the near fatal encounter, he explains how that kind of experience at 2400 meters below surface changes your life and business values forever.

“What I learnt from Keith’s speech is that we don’t have to wait to have a life changing experience to change our lives…”
Christine Seymour, The Inspired Group

Keith’s aim is to inspire people of all ages to take action by giving them the mind tools and self belief to create the life they really want (see Keith’s Mission Statement)

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