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Speaking from the heart, for you

As a fully trained civil funeral celebrant, I offer the highest standards of excellence and deliver the same devotion and care for people as with all my speaking services.

My aim is to provide a personalised service to the wishes and desires of the bereft at an extremely difficult time.

Speaking at a person’s funeral on behalf of the family, friends and loved ones is an honour and privilege. Speaking with genuine care and loving support for those who have lost love and for the ones who have left their love behind, is a heartfelt vocation.

In this most personal of services I will provide a tailored civil ceremony that uniquely and honestly reflects the life of the lost, from the memories of those who were the closest.

The content of the service is crafted with attention to details from desires and wishes expressed from the family and or friends.

Civil funerals may be a religious, semi religious or non religious and may include a variety of readings, songs, poems with a tailored eulogy written and delivered by myself or provided for a loved one to deliver. Additionally, any other material that reflects the uniqueness of the loved one may be incorporated.

A service that reflects the needs of the living and the lost, its aim is to say all that needs to be said, for the comfort of all.

We are all born as unique individuals with our own set of gifts, personality traits and finger prints. Living lives that are completely unique, why should our passing from this life be any different?

No one gets to choose the way that they come into the world, but our loved ones can choose a special way for us to leave it.

“We get to only have one life and one death”

But we can choose what we will make of it.

Make a choice that will make all the difference for you and your loved one.

Civil funerals can also be pre planned, making it possible to have the exact wishes of your love one known and agreed. This can assist those left behind greatly at a very difficult time.

“Speaking from the heart, for You”


“Dear Keith, would just like to say a massive thank you from all the family for the wonderful service. Everyone who attended afterwards said what a fantastic job you did on the day. Our whole family was so pleased with the way the service was conducted, we are eternally grateful. Once again many thanks.”

The Russo Family

“Many thanks for your efforts. I honestly have not heard a better send off.”

Damien – On behalf of the Alstrom Family

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