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February 1, 2014

Mere Kaffir – A New Book By Keith Brown


A visceral, highly-charged, emotional read. In the early 1980s a naive young English miner uproots himself and his new wife from the Nottingham coalmines to unearth his fortune in the South African goldmines.

His dreams are shattered as our eyes are opened to a culture that reveals humanity’s deepest flaws. Keith Brown draws upon his personal experiences of apartheid-driven South Africa on the brink of a new political order to bring us a deeply moving tale of man’s inhumanity to man. In a world where greed and historical resentments drive the agenda is apartheid really just a black versus white issue?

“Having worked, lived and suffered under South African apartheid I discovered a great deal, not only about myself and the flaws within my own humanity but also just how deep rooted and ingrained our judgements and attitudes about other people and cultures really are.” – Keith Brown

About Keith Brown

kbKeith could tell you about the last 17 years in sales and marketing within the IT sector, and how with his expertise one company was taken from obscurity to being perceived as one of the UK’s leading suppliers.

It is however more interesting to tell, how a young man from a troubled background with little formal education became the youngest person at that time to manage multimillion dollar gold mining operations in South Africa.

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All profits from the sale of this book go to assist orphans and their carers at the Siyabakhulisa Care Centre in Natal 

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