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September 23, 2013

A weapon of mass distraction


Chemical, biological or nuclear whatever the name destruction is the game, lives lost, family and society irrevocable changed.  A legacy of hate and revenge is the result; violence begets violence as surely as day follows the night. Truely humanity has not learnt the lesson of history even from the so called war to end all wars, World War One

Conflict on a global scale it seems to never really end, there are always wars and rumours of wars, even at the local and individual level many feel that they are pressed by others into conforming to the will of the majority. Everyone I meet claims individuality, but how many people really are the individuals they claim to be. How many people actually live by their own researched and understood beliefs or principles, most I fear simply climb on the bandwagon of majority thinking but that is easy to do and we don’t have to think for ourselves.

It appears to me that some of the more recent wars have been nothing more than old men talking and young men dying for little more than pride and financial gain. A country has a right to protect itself from aggressors of course, but it is not the real reason that many countries go to war.

The greatest power on earth is not the latest hypersonic cruise or exocet missile programme but the real power that we each have on a personal level the power of true unconditional forgiveness. Leaving the world stage for a moment we have all perhaps had that time when we had wronged another and sought forgiveness. If that forgiveness is not forthcoming we have very few other options in trying to restore broken relationships. Anger, bitterness can often be the result and that can then lead to conflict at a future point, as unresolved issues can only fester.

One the one hand humanity has made great strides in the last 100 years in all and every area, medical, travel and communications to name a few. And there is point in the forms of communication.  We are now more than ever able to communicate across language barriers, at any time and in many different forms. Yet with all that so called advance in communications technology “humanity” from an emotional perspective has not only failed to utilise that technology to create harmony, but in fact we have created the exact opposite.

We talk more through social media and digital media than we ever could before and sadly we argue more too, often with things being said and done on line which would rarely be undertaken in a face to face conversation. The stark reality is that we have been distracted from the great potential of this technology for the higher good.

The liberating and seemingly life enhancing revolution in communications is no more than a side show that has distracted humanity from its real problems.  The need for deep emotional and spiritual development, that could and should by now in the so called “human evolution and development” put an end to all wars and conflict.

Seeing how we have made such boundless strides in technology that we have experienced in the last few decades, why could that not be in the human emotional and spiritual condition?  Probably because no one can make any real money out of that!

Some might say? “That’s just a fanciful altruistic nonsense, there have always been wars”

I rest my case, we are so conditioned for the inevitability of conflict that we are incapable of truly seeking the case for unconditional forgiveness unilaterally. And until that mind set has been changed and one side either on a national or individual level makes that first step towards forgiveness war and conflict will continue to abound.

We can make the choice at our own individual level and refuse to give into the natural inclination for revenge and retaliation. We can be the ones who truly take control of our own humanity and accept the consequences of our decisions by genuinely asking for and giving unconditional forgiveness.

By learning to do this we liberate ourselves from the self destructive and endless cycle of indifference that un-forgiveness delivers.

We have all too some degree been distracted from the real issue of living life for a meaningful purpose and that is no less than to leave this world a better place than we found it. With every soul we ever met being positively benefited by that interaction.

Now that is the real challenge of living a good and purposeful life.

As one Lenin said…. “Can a nation be free if it oppresses other nations? It cannot” another Lennon said “Give peace a chance”



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