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August 24, 2013

God, the baby and the bathwater


War, terrorism, greed and fraud, our news is full of it and in most parts of the world it is a daily occurrence with these continual acts filling our TV screens and airwaves. I cannot help but think that something very stabilising has gone out of our society. The world crisis in the economy has been created by one succinct element and that is no less than greed created by cheap money.

Many have been sold the lie that to borrow to fulfil their dreams is the only way to become fulfilled and happy. Many lenders were actively encouraging people to live completely outside their means to repay. If we then add the possibility of future unemployment, inflation and interest rate rises, it means those already affected will be in the direst of straits.

If we choose to listen to the real financial analysts, not the ones that are used by the media, as they say what they are told to say to avoid panic, the true analysts tell us that a worldwide financial collapse is inevitable and it is probably going to start in the near future in the US, followed by the UK and Eurozone. Why?

Because they have all borrowed at limits that can never be paid back, the dollar will probably completely collapse in the light of that fact and so will the other currencies. But it is not all about the money, or is it?

Many of course blame religion for many of the ills of the world and with good cause, as on the surface it does seem to play a significant role. Some religions give themselves a kind of credence to usurp the rights and abuse the beliefs of another, with each side claiming that God upholds their version of the truth. What madness!

Perhaps should they hold to the fact that God said he is “Love”, then any actions taken outside of love cannot be of God.

It is no wonder that many today literally throw God out of their lives, essentially the baby with the bathwater as they can see no value in it for themselves. Sadly many have been put off the true value of holding any kind of faith in God because of fundamentalism of religion.

I find when speaking with families for my work that most people today have no real problem with God. No really, they don’t! It’s religion they have a problem with. As I look back to the decades of our ancestors, and you don’t have to go back very far, there was a time, and not so long ago, when a handshake and a promise was a person’s bond.  Was that just good manners and common civility or was it more than that?

Comparatively, many did not have the wealth that their descendants do today, but equally they did not appear to have the worries or anxieties either, based on the possibility that they had faith in something greater than themselves, which in turn gave them a deeper reason and purpose to life than the next purchase.

The word iconoclast is a very interesting one. It means “a challenger of religious thinking” and there was no one who challenged religious thinking more than Jesus Christ himself. He had no problem with the prostitutes who sought his help, or the simple fisherman, the thief, the sick; he welcomed all and forgave any that asked him. The religious leaders of that day however he tore strips off, calling them blind guides full of dead men’s bones and all corruption, and does that not sound familiar?

Back to my initial point: has something gone out of our society? Yes I think so; simple faith in God has been abandoned for greed and self seeking, and lives built on the limited value of the next purchase. Our lives are seldom now measured by good deeds done in society, on honesty and fairness in business, in commitment in relationships to others but rather they are based on what we have accumulated.

And what we have accumulated for the generations to follow is a debt burden that will not be paid for many generations to come, if ever. Something has definitely got thrown out with bathwater!!

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